15 Funny Pillows We Repinned on Pinterest

Obviously, pillows provide comfort for your head and add personal style to your home decor.  Lighten up the mood in a room with a funny pillow or two.  We searched through Pinterest and narrowed down our selection of funny pillows to these fifteen.

1. For the family that could be the star of the next Modern Family.

Pinned by Posh365.



2. For someone who detests cleaning and appreciates sarcasm.

Pinned by Etsy.



3. For the foodie who can identify all the different pasta noodles.

Pinned by BuzzFeed.


4. For someone who can recite every word of Biggie’s “Hypnotize”

Pinned by ShopBetches.


5. For someone who tends to be lazy, ahem, full of character.

Pinned by Posh365.



6. For the nerdy Baby Got Back.

Pinned by Etsy.



7. For the sandwich lover.

Pinned by PopSugar.


8. For someone who misses having dinosaur printed sheets.

Pinned by Etsy.



9. For the person who is exhausted and needs direction.

Pinned by Gifts.


10. For someone who enjoys snacking while in bed.

Pinned by BuzzFeed.

11. For the fashionista who knows she’s complicated.

Pinned by Society6.



12. For someone who requires liquid courage to dance.

Pinned by Keep.



13. For the person who pinky swore with you a million times.

Pinned by Zazzle.



14. For the person who accepts that shit happens and continues on.

Pinned by LookHuman.


15. For the person who is obsessed with cats.

Pinned by LookHuman.


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